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Deep Data Discovery

Fastest Analytics Workflow – Empower business users to conduct train-of-thought analysis without technical team involvement on “What if” style research.

Gripping Data Discovery – Visualize behavior clusters, uncover emerging trends, and forecast risk by using an array of visualization and pivoting techniques.

Business Intelligence

Fastest Report Building – Construct sophisticated reports and dashboards using a simple drag and drop interface and never write any SQL or developer code to get the desired results on Big Data.

Fastest Report Processing – Build a report of multiple measures and dimensions on Big Data and get immediate results without the cost or hassle of OLAP requirements.

Fastest Fulfillment – Every report or dashboard is fully actionable, immediately. Every count, filter or dataset attached or derived from a report can immediately be streamed or output to a destination.

Data Engineering

Fastest Ingestion – A datasource can be ingested and indexed in a tiny fraction of the time an RDBMS completes an equal task (and let’s not talk about all those times that Big Data just won’t come out of your production database!)

Fastest Derived Data - Derive data assets on Big Data as fast as you can think of them. Quickly create Aggregations, Functions, Rankings, Clusters, Quantiles and Scores.

Catalog Audit – Unify disparate datasources and produce an audit of the entire catalog; understand distributions, field statistics and metadata for every data point in the catalog.

DataJet sucks in data faster

Accelerated Queries

Fastest Queries - Perform complex segmentation or audience creation on many billions of datapoints in milliseconds.

Simple Construction – Select, dedupe, produce true random samples, group by, pivot by, and never write a single line of SQL.

Impossible Queries – Perform selections that are either technically or practically impossible in a one-step process in traditional database environments

DataJet queries Big Data faster

Deep Learning Engine

Intelligent Indexing – Simply point to a datasource and DataJet Engine will automatically select the appropriate indexing strategy based on the type of data in the source.

Intelligent Accelerators – DataJet Engine predicts what data you will use based on your interaction history and prepares it for your request before you ask for it.

Deep Learning Integration – Train your neural network with clean and packaged data that DataJet Engine quickly provides. Good training means good performance.

DataJet links to learning engines

Analytics Productivity

Instant Replay – DataJet remembers the analytical thought process a user takes for every step of data engineering, analytics, and reporting. Gone are the days where a user takes numerous steps looking for insights – and they cannot remember or recreate how they achieved an awesome data discovery.

Asset Collaboration – All user created reports, dashboards, datasets, or views can be kept private or shared with the appropriate team for collaboration.

Live Reporting – Published reports and dashboards allow each viewer to apply their own filters and visualizations to reveal further insights of their own.

Distribute insights over any media channel

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