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Data analytics for Digital Media companies

Digital Media

Behavior information collected via web properties is data that may be significantly incomplete, poorly structured, or simply limited in its raw usefulness for insightful analytics. But merging silos and linking additional data sources to create enhanced attributes is easy for DataJet – and it saves you from the risk of outsourcing such work to firms that can use your data against you.


DataJet provides users with Data Engineering functions which can develop useful points of analytics interest, while allowing you to maintain full control of your data asset. Creating ‘Next Best Offer’, ‘Most Profitable Path’, or Projected Lifetime Value’ can be engineered with a few clicks, and no knowledge of SQL is required.

Data analytics for Financial Service companies

Financial Services

The sheer scale of financial transaction databases can make exploratory, inferential, and predictive analytics a formidable challenge. It has become rather commonplace to see huge spend on specialized black-box hardware appliances just to be able to manage the data, but effectively leaving few options for an analyst to pursue a real-time, interactive understanding of it.

DataJet disrupts this with revolutionary technology advancements. Imagine how nice it would be to ask any question of your data and get the answer immediately – never needing to wait for some massive OLAP cube to complete running so you can finally find out the answer to last week’s question.

Data analytics for Online Gaming companies


Gaming environments create Big Data, but most traditional Business Intelligence applications have limited ability to deliver ad-hoc insights from complex interaction histories out of the box.


DataJet, however, provides massive value by allowing you to immediately understand how each change in an interaction sequence, compared against all the data, could impact engagement or purchase behavior. And when you are dealing with billions of possible permutations, being able to discover the most relevant combinations, instantly, means your time can be better spent on strategy rather than fighting with inadequate analysis tools.

Data analytics for Healthcare


Healthcare professionals have access to loads of data, but many providers struggle keeping up with the rate of change, and how to react to it all. With a simple policy change, new regulations can create a new normal which has no history to take its cues from, but the need to understand emerging risks in patient care or resource management do not go away.


DataJet empowers clinicians and business users alike to visually comprehend trend shifts as they happen, driving better decisions where the data histories become poor predicters of the future.

Data analytics for Insurance companies


With a world in constant change, having a handle on your data is more important than ever. And where it’s easy to blame the data for being non-pliable, producing sluggish and discontented analytics, DataJet delivers relief against your entire mountain of big data. No longer be constrained to respond to conditions after the fact – you can now get ahead of the curve and proactively identify new risks.


Whether you are tracking down suspicious datapoints which might be fraud or automatically discovering suspect variables in a model in need of an update, DataJet allows you to get more done, hyper fast.

Data analytics for Market Research

Market Research

Some high-traffic websites use surveys as a lure to interact with other content, creating heaps of biased based engagement data. And where market research companies build statistically significant surveys messaged directly to individuals with a purpose to minimize bias, the selection of the target audience will generally involve Big Data.


In either case, DataJet delivers solutions to assist the curation of the desired survey responses and the post-production creation of enhanced market research results. It provides the tools necessary to join these disparate sources to create new and interesting datasets which both list brokers, and marketers, highly desire and pay good money for.

Data analytics for Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods companies

Retail CPG

The number of available retail consumer products is surging. And the number of methods by which consumers transact also grows by the day, as the buying habits of people are shifting faster than ever.


Calm the chaos with DataJet, and gain an upper hand on your competition in the marketplace - by positioning the right products at the right price, in the right property, with the best margin - to achieve your goals. Predict what consumers are going to do, either based on your complete data history or any assortment of other 3rd party datasources you have access to. Stop waiting for answers and take command of your future.

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