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Get the inside scoop on DataJet

Know Faster.

Act Faster.

DataJet liberates data analysts from dependency on IT to process complex data, with the fastest analytics experience that's both powerful and fun to use.

Integrate your existing machine learning models, transform, explore and visualize billions of data points, and share interactive insights and discoveries across the organization.

Agile analytics and reporting

Expandable. Connectable. Pluggable.

Leverage existing investment by integrating and extending your own platform into DataJet's processing pipeline. Create specialized components with accelerated Python. Connect to any data source and push or pull to other APIs.

Rapid ROI

Go from zero to meaningful insights fast. DataJet is easy to configure, connect and use. Slice and re-engineer your data independently from the source, putting the power to discover and inform at your fingertips.

Rapid big data analytics

High Performance.

Big Data. Small Footprint.

DataJet can ingest, transform and analyze billions of records at blistering speeds on a single instance. The performance you need without ever- increasing compute nodes and spiralling costs.

UI Driven. No SQL Needed.

Get off the ground quickly. DataJet handles ingestion, engineering, query, analytics and reporting through a powerful user interface - packed with inline active help and supported by comprehensive online documentation and videos.

Streamlined big data analytics

DataJet is a comprehensive solution unifying ingestion, transformation, visualization, discovery and distribution of interactive insights and reports.

Self-Contained. End-to-End Solution.

No need to integrate multiple, diverse components into your analytical stack: reduced complexity, reduced resourcing, no costly consultancy or training.

One Discipline. Reduced Resource.

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