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Using yesterday’s tools to understand today’s world comes up short and takes forever. Regain the advantage by using DataJet -- the freshest data science on the latest technology.

DataJet Software provides the fastest deep-learning-assisted analytics experience on Big Data, helping organizations in every industry to understand why people change their behavior and how to take action on those insights.

Agile analytics and reporting

Agile Analytics

DataJet’s novel software approach to access and compute Big Data vastly outperforms relational and non-relational databases alike. And since every resultant summarization is directly linked to the atomic data, it means no jumping through hoops to see the detail of the individuals or entities counted in any aggregation. This unique ability empowers the analyst to take command of the data entirely through an interactive drag and drop user interface for every step of an analytics workflow.

Rapid big data analytics

Rapid Analytics

DataJet will compute precise answers on many billions of datapoints in milliseconds. Query responses typically return hundreds of times faster than peer group Big Data analytical tools and thousands of times faster than traditional technologies, depending on the type of question asked. Data ingestion speeds are impressive at typically 50 times faster than other popular databases in the market. No waiting around for your Big Data computations means you accomplish more.

Streamlined big data analytics

Streamlined Analytics

DataJet efficiently discovers new knowledge from your Big Data. It automatically records the analytical thought process each user follows for every aspect of data engineering, analytics, and reporting. No matter how complicated a data mining process may become, recalling how something was created – even if it was deleted – can be looked up and re-created in seconds. Never again lose track of how any data discovery was found.